The history of the World

It all started with an expedition to Mars in 2152, which discovered an unknown source of energy beneath the surface of the planet. After extracting this energy source, it turned out that it was a mineral, consisting mainly of pure energy, formed during the outburst of "Supernovae". The new mineral received the scientific name "X-Star", in unscientific circles it was called "Star Resource". Attempts to synthesize it artificially failed. It required too much energy.

The study of the new resource and its application made it possible to make a quick leap in the development of technology. Already in 2190, the hyperspace engine was invented, allowing flights far beyond the galaxy. Beginning in 2200, expeditions were sent to the distant far space in search of new worlds, new life, and most importantly, in search of new locations of the "Star Mineral". After 150 years, humanity could not imagine its life without the "Star Mineral." Fierce wars began for the planets on which this resource was discovered.

From 2270, Grubtor raged in the open spaces of the universe. They captured entire solar systems, killing everyone they couldn't convert to their faith. Their faith was to worship the "Star Mineral", because they received superhuman strength from it. It all started with the fact that one of the astronauts involved in the excavations on Mars, with his bare hands touched the mineral and received a tremendous charge of energy. After that, he had the ability to see and feel people susceptible to the strength of the mineral, such people were called grabbers. The astronaut, called Mariard, began to show grabbers the possibilities of this energy and inclined them to bow to the power of the Star Mineral. Sensing this power once, a person became addicted to it, receiving a new non-human strength and superpowers. Dependence on the mineral caused unstoppable rage, which did not allow to fully control their strength and to think soberly, which made it easy to control them. Mariard proclaimed himself Lord Marshall of the Grubtors, and began to form a huge army of adherents of the new faith.

For 50 years, no one could resist the Grubtors, so strong and merciless they were. But nevertheless, a faction began to emerge that defended the universe. Calling itself Century, although at first they were called Warders. Warders was formed as a new secret project of the company "Tullamore". The aim of the project was to create a new type of weapon in order to increase the combat capabilities of a person by placing implants based on star mineral. In reality, Century became a separate independent army that fought the terror of the Grubtors throughout the universe. As a result, other planets and whole empires began to join the army to protect themselves and their civilization. After that, it was decided to become independent factions, and separate from the corporation "Tullamore". The new faction called itself Century. Now they live on three principles: honor, duty, discipline.

Corporation "Tullamore", which sponsored the first expedition to Mars and the extraction of the star mineral, established a monopoly in the market for sales of "Star Mineral". Very soon, "Tullamore" became the only corporation in all the galaxies selling minerals. All its actions and decisions relying only on the expected profits, with power and their welfare being the only thing that bothers them.

Tips for beginners

If you do not understand how to start playing, and at the beginning of the game you have canceled training, you can always re-launch it through the settings section.

At the beginning of the game, in the first place, resources should be spent on the development of mines, in the future they will quickly regain the resources invested in them. Colonize new planets and build mines on them. The more planets you colonize, the faster you will have a start. In order not to encounter a deficit of free fields in the future, it is better not to start building up planets on which there are less than 750 fields. Planets in position 9 are the best ones to colonize. You can teleport them later using Dark Matter.

At the beginning of the game, you will perform many achievements, for which you will receive Antimatter (AM). Antimatter is a valuable resource. Besides AM, you will also have Dark Matter (DM), which can also be used for many things, as you will see next. From Promoting the Game, doing Achievements, winning tournaments, among other things, you can win a lot of Dark Matter and Anti Matter that will enable you to develop and activate many options and bonuses in your empire.

At first, you will be a member of the training alliance BSU. This will give you 300% alliance bonuses, providing you with a very fast start until you reach points, and automatically leave the alliance. At this time, try to join an alliance, it will give you an additional advantage and bonuses. Alliance players will help you to get comfortable in the game, help you growth your empire and, from working together, the alliance members can collaborate to develop their alliance planets, their alliance development bonuses, and the alliance faction.

If you do not know where to spend Dark Matter, go to the "Officers" and "Governors". You can also buy ships and defenses with it. Or teleport your planets to better positions (remember that planets in position 20 will produce more deuterium than planets in other positions).

Before attacking a foreign planet or moon, make sure you spy it and use the Battle Simulator to find out the outcome of the battle without the risk of losing your fleet. If you have a fleet, but you cannot find a target. You can do this for expeditions too. Expeditions and missions in the Hostal Sector can provide a big source of profit for your empire.

Do not colonize all the planets nearby, try to spread the planets around the galaxy, this will complicate the search for your fleet and resources for the enemy. If you teleported the planet, you can also rename it (this is done completely free).

Do not leave your fleet and resources on the planet during your absence from the game, otherwise you risk losing fleets and resources.

Game menu

overview - Overview - the main page of the game. Here you can watch your flying fleets or any incoming enemy fleets. You can also find information about the planet, its temperature, the number of fields on it and its coordinates. The number of your points is also displayed here. By clicking on the icon you can view your statistics. Icon allows you to go to the Planet Changes section, where you can increase the number of fields, teleport or increase the diameter for Stardust (useful for the Moon), as well as change the structure of the planet, which will change its picture in the review and give minor bonuses (the first change of structure is free , the following will cost 5.000 Antimatter). Also in this section, you can rename the planet (it is useful after teleportation of the planet, so that the enemy would not find it immediately, because you can search for the planet by name by searching) or even delete it (you cannot delete the main planet)

empire - Empire - in this section you can view information about each of the planets / moons of your empire. It shows the total development of resources and dark matter from all the planets in an hour, the entire fleet and the defense of your empire, as well as the total amount of resources that are on all the planets. It is possible to enable filters, which will allow you to display only the Planets, the Moon, or the Planets of the second galaxy, in addition there are filters that hide information about everything except the Buildings, Fleet or Defense. By clicking on the icons or You can bring the entire Fleet or Resources, respectively, from the planets you have chosen, to the planet on which you are now. In the upper right corner, you can find a link to the Logs of AM, this section displays all the operations in which you spent Antimatter.

stats - Statistics - in this section you can view the statistics of the development of each of the players in the universe both by the sum of points and by individual indicators: Buildings, Research, Fleet, Defense, Achievements, Armament. To get one point of statistics, you need to spend 1.000.000 points of a resource (Metal, Crystal or Deuterium). Deuterium consumption by fleets is not taken into account when calculating points. Through the statistics section you can view more detailed information about each player by clicking on his nickname. There you can also add players to the list of Friends or Enemies, after which the player will be highlighted in green or red in statistics, respectively. You can also write a personal message to the player.

hof - Hall of Fame - the main battle battles for the last month are displayed here. The battle log is automatically removed from the Hall of Fame in a month. All fights can be sorted by losses (positions) or time of their conduct. All participants in the battle that will be the most ambitious (the most total total loss) per day will be charged at 5.000 Antimatter, regardless of whether the party lost or won.

records - Records - server records for buildings, research, fleet and defense are displayed here. Buildings and studies are considered at the maximum level in your empire, defense and fleet at the maximum number per planet (except Shield and planetary domes, and Orbital bases, they are counted from all planets)

messages - Messages -

buddylist - Friends list - in this section, the player’s friends are displayed, in order to become a friend, you must send a request or confirm it. Also in this section there is the ability to view and Enemies of the player (confirmation when adding to the Enemies is not required). To add a player to the Friends / Enemies list, you can point his nickname in the Galaxy section and click "Offer to make friends" or "Add to the list of enemies", after which the player will be displayed in green (if he is your friend) and in red (if he is your enemy)

chat - Chat - allows you to instantly exchange messages with other players in the game. In addition to the general chat room, there is also an alliance room where only players of your alliance can be located. It is also possible to create your own room, where you will be the administrator, and if necessary, you can kick out players from the room or even put a password to enter it. The game also has a mini chat, it is displayed on all pages except the galaxy, you can open it by clicking on this icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

forum - Forum - the forum can register only players who are already registered in the game. To register on the forum, just enter the same data as for the entrance to the game, after which the account will be created automatically. At the forum, the player can ask the administration's question, suggest an innovation in the game, describe a mistake, or simply communicate with the players. All updates and changes that are made to the game are always published on the forum.

rules - Rules - this section contains all the rules of the game, violations of which may result in account blocking (for some violations, such as Multi-Content or Spam, an account may be permanently blocked)

banned - Banned - all players that have ever been blocked are displayed, the period of blocking and the reason. When communication between players is violated (insults or spam), the player will not be able to send messages for a period of time, while other game functions will be fully available.

wiki - Wiki - here you can find all the detailed information on the game, as well as development tips.

notes - Notes - here the player can create notes in which important information will be stored. Notes can only be deleted by the player.

support - Game support. If you have questions about the game, ask them here. A link to the support section is also on the Review page.

search - Search - allows you to find Players, Alliances or Planets. Knowing the player's nickname, you can always find the information about the coordinates of the player’s main planet and his place in the statistics. If you know the name of a planet, you can also find it's coordinates. Through this section you can also add a player to the Friends / Enemies list). Knowing the full name of the alliance or its abbreviation you can also find it through this section, seeing the number of alliance members and the total points of all members of the alliance. By clicking on the name of the alliance, you will be taken to its page, where you can get see its description, diplomacy, or submit an application.

tech tree - Technology Tree.

settings - Settings.

exit - Exit - ends your gaming session. Use the exit from the game in cases if you have visited the game through a PC that other users can access. Thus you protect yourself from hacking account, which can lead to loss of game achievements.

Game resources











Peaceful Level

Combat Level


Hostal Sector

Bonus Planets - Galaxy 7

Galaxy 7 contains special planets with many different bonuses. This galaxy is split in sections according to the rank of players, and each player has access to a section of 50 systems:

Top 2 = 951 -1000
Top 5 = 901 - 950
Top 10 = 851 - 900
Top 15 = 801 - 850
Top 20 = 751 - 800
Top 25 = 701 - 750
Top 30 = 651 - 700
Top 35 = 601 - 650
Top 40 = 551 - 600
Top 45 = 501 - 550
Top 50 = 451 - 500
Top 60 = 401 - 450
Top 70 = 351 - 400
Top 80 = 301 - 350
Top 90 = 251 - 300
Top 100 = 201 - 250
Top 125 = 151 - 200
Top 150 = 101 - 150
Top 200 = 51 - 100
All others = 1 - 50
You can capture or recapture the G7 planets with any type of fleet. If another player is holding the planet, there will be a battle and the winner takes the planet.

G7 Planets are reshuffled every 7 days.


Asteroid events starts every 6 hours! Whenever an event starts, lots of Asteroids appear in the galaxies, each one occupying a planet slot in the systems of the galaxies.

You can send Recyclers or Battle Recyclers to the Asteroids, with the goal of harvesting the raw resources present in them. Based on the capacity of your fleet, you can collect a lot of Metal, Crystal and Deuterium, which will be brought back to your planets and moons, so you can develop your Empire with the profits from these asteroid harvesting missions.

Each Asteroid can only be harvested a single time so, once added to the galaxies, it will remain there until a player harvests it.

When harvesting an Asteroid, your fleet with be filled with Metal first. Then, if there is still capacity for more, it will be filled with Crystal. And finally, if there's still enough capacity left, it will be filled with deuterium. Therefore, you need to make sure you have more than enough capacity to harvest all the resources in the asteroid. One example is 10 million Battle Recyclers, which will get you about:

Metal Metal
Crystal Crystal
Deuterium Deuterium

Also make sure you upgrade your Recyclers Technology. Each level of this technology increases the harvest values of an asteroid by 1%, and each 5 levels enable you to launch one more harvest mission.



Alliance Planets




Premium Menu





Battle Simulator


Referral System

Guides from Players