All you need is a browser

To start playing BSU you do not need to wait to download gigabytes of games, everything is working in your browser. Start your conquest of the universe right now!

Play the way you like

You do not have to play on a definite plan, you can develop strategies of your own. Leveraging the weaknesses and strengths through leveling the Academy, you stand on the right path to domination in the universe!

Each branch of the Academy has unique power-ups which, based on upgrading, will define the outcome of future battles and the management of your Empire.

Interacting with other players

Declaring war, forming alliances, trading with other players, you can build your own policy for achieving the goals of your empire and alliance. You can independently determine how to build relations with this or that player.

A peaceful diplomat or a threatening dictator, it's up to you!

The game employs a team

We try to make the game the most interesting and exciting for you, so we're working on it continuously

  • Constant updates.

    We keep improving the game, introducing new features, adjusting and balancing the game in accordance with player's feedback and improving our game design with each new patch.

  • In-game contests.

    To diversify the gameplay, we carry out different sorts of Competitions and Events.

  • We appreciate your feedback.

    We listen to our players, if you have ideas or comments, please contact us or write them in our forum. Your proposal might be implemented and you will be given a reward.